Typhlosion (バクフーン)
The Volcano Pokémon






5'6.9" / 1.7 m


175.3 lb / 79.5 kg





Typhlosion (バクフーン) Collecting Typhlosion is pretty rewarding, as he has far more out there than Quilava, but less than Cyndaquil, so when something new comes up it's pretty infrequent, but it's usually something exciting.


Typhlosion has a varied range of figures, but has less than Cyndaquil, But more than Quilava

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion MC Monster Collection Takara Tomy Small

Various Releases of the same Figure

Typhlosion Kid Kids Bandai Small There are 3 different kids, 1 basic kid & two attack.
Typhlosion Zukan Zukan Yujin Small Obviously comes with Cyndaquil & Quilava pieces.
Typhlosion Plamo PokePlamo Bandai Medium Comes in a buildable model kit with Cyndaquil, Quilava & Pikachu
Typhlosion Chou Getto Chou Get Bandai (Gashapon) Small From the Zenkoko Version Set 8
Typhlosion Hasbro Action Figure Hasbro Large Talks & fires plastic "Flame" from it's mouth
Typhlosion Thinkchip Thinkchip+ Bandai Europe Medium Used with electronic battle trainer, only made in the European Market.
Typhlosion Pencil Topper Pencil Top Bandai (Gashapon) Small In attack pose, possibly using Flame Wheel
Typhlosion Mini Cot Mini Cot Banpresto Small 2nd Set Number 24
Typhlosion Mini Keychain Keychain Tomy? Small Comes on a linked Chain with a Cyndaquil Figure
Typhlosion FCS Full Color Stadium Bandai Small Using Leer from Set 10


Typhlosion has only had three plushes released.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion UFO Banpresto Small Released alongside 2010 Cyndaquil UFO
Typhlosion MPC Plush MPC Banpresto Small Released alongside Meganium, Feraligatr, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile 2015
Typhlosion Standard Plush Pokemon Center Large Released alongside Pichu, Pokemon Center 2018


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion Dex Charm Clip Charm Pokemon Centre Small Released as part of the HG&SS Pokedex Charm promotion, it comes with Cyndaquil & Quilava


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion Big Can Badge Big Can Badge Pokemon Center Medium Released in Series #2, #157. All Johto Pokemon got a can badge.
Typhlosion Pin Pin Pokemon Center Small Released on the American Pokemon Center website with Meganium and Feraligatr.


Typhlosion (TCG)


Stamps, pens, paper, anything stationary-y.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion Item Name Goes Here Company Goes Here Size Goes Here Any Special Info Goes Here


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Typhlosion Patch Iron-On Patch Pokemon TCG League Small Iron-On Patch given out at the Pokemon TCG League.


  • Typhlosion has only ever had 1 Plush released which is less than all other Fire Starters final forms.


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