Snivy (ツタージャ Tsutarja)
The Grass Snake Pokémon






1'11.6" / 0.6m


17.9lbs / 8.1kg


Unknown (Too Early To Tell)



Snivy (ツタージャ Tsutarja) is a fifth-generation Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Black and White versions. It evolves into Servine and then into Serperior. One of the starter Pokémon in the Unova region, Snivy is very popular among collectors.


Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Monster Collection figure Takara Tomy
Monster Collection Plus figure Takara Tomy
Zukan BW 01 Takara Tomy ARTS
Pokémon Kids figure Bandai
Pokémon Kids Satoshi Setting Off figure Bandai
Clipping figure Bandai
Soap figure
KeshiPoké figure Ensky
Chopstick holder Pokémon Center
Sukui doll ShoPro
Chupa Surprise figure
Chou Get figures Bandai Regular and clear versions


Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Pokémon Center plush Pokémon Center
Pokémon Center big plush Pokémon Center
Best Wishes plush Takara Tomy
Best Wishes big plush Takara Tomy
PokéDoll Pokémon Center
Talking plush Takara Tomy
Dream World plush Pokémon Center
UFO catcher plush Banpresto
Super DX plush Banpresto
Ichiban Kuji plush Banpresto
Large chibi plush Banpresto
Super DX shiny chibi plush Banpresto
Ball keychain plush Banpresto
Small strap plush Banpresto
PokéDoll pen Pokémon Center
Christmas 2010 plush Pokémon Center
Christmas 2010 plush wreath Pokémon Center
Full body plush puppet Takara Tomy
BW round form plush Banpresto February 2011 release
My Pokémon Collection plush Banpresto April 2011 release

Keychains and charmsEdit

Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Pokémon Center mascot Pokémon Center
Pokémon Center mascot with strap Pokémon Center
Netsuke Mascot BW 1 Takara Tomy ARTS
Large flat plastic keychain Pokémon Center
Dream World mascot Pokémon Center
Dream World mascot with strap Pokémon Center
Mascots Bandai Regular and clear versions
Ball keychain Takara Tomy ARTS
Keychain Banpresto
Poké Ball action ball keychain Bandai
Squishy ball keychain Bandai
Metal badge ball keychain Takara Tomy ARTS
Dream World charms Pokémon Center Two versions
Christmas 2010 charm Pokémon Center



Type Manufacturer Size Notes
"From" stamp Pokémon Center
"Arigatou" stamp Pokémon Center
BW Stamp Retsuden (green) Ensky
BW Stamp Retsuden (pink) Ensky
Clear file Pokémon Center


Snivy's design is influenced by the fashion and motifs of European royalty, particularly the fleur-de-lis.

Known collectorsEdit

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