Riding On Lapras (ラプラスにのって)




21 August 1999



Riding On Lapras (Japanese: ラプラスにのって Laplace ni Notte) is the sixth ending song used in the Japanese version of the Pokemon anime and was released as a single on August 21, 1999. Available exclusively in Japan, the CD was bundled with a unique promotional card and coloured inserts.


The CD was sold in an oblong case made of stiff paper. The cover featurs an image of a smiling Lapras swimming past a tropical island with a Pikachu and a Togepi on its back, with the title of the set forming a rainbow in the clear blue sky. The inside cover of the case appears to feature the lyrics of Everyone Walk Together! (Japanese: みんなであるこう! Minna de Arukō!), the second track on the CD. The CD itself is white, decorated with silver waves and a stylised dark blue silhouette of a Lapras. Also included is the Misty's Treatment card (Japanese: カスミのてあて Kasumi's Treatment) and a small cardboard insert which features two cartoon illustrations of Lapras with coloured backgrounds; on the left, a sleeping Lapras with a blue background, on the right, a small illustration of a diving Lapras acompanied by a head-shot of a Lapras with seaweed in its mouth. The reverse of this insert features a still from the anime of Ash, Misty and Tracey riding on Lapras beneath [some writing which needs translating!].

Track ListEdit

  1. Riding On Lapras (ラプラスにのって Lapras ni Notte)
  2. Everyone Walk Together! (みんなであるこう! Minna de Arukou!)
  3. Riding on Lapras (Original Karaoke) (ラプラスにのって (オリジナルカラオケ) Lapras ni Notte (Original Karaoke))


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