Rapidash (ギャロップ)
The Fire Horse Pokémon






7'7" / 1.7m


209.4lbs / 95.0kg





Rapidash (ギャロップ Gallop) was introduced in the first generation of pokemon, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. It is the final evolution of Ponyta. As a first generation pokemon, Rapidash has a good deal of merchandise, though it can be difficult to track down.


Rapidash has several figures.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Rapidash Zukan Yujin / Takara Tomy ARTS 1/40 scale Released in Gold/Silver/Crystal set 6. Distributed via gachapon.
Rapidash Monster Collection Takara Tomy 2.5" The Tomy figure has been released several times.
Rapidash In-Case Collection Kyodo 1.5" This figure was sold in gachapon machines, and could have a red, blue, or green base. These did not come with backdrops. Rapidash was released in set 6.
Rapidash Pokemon Metal Collection Banpresto 1" This figure was sold in gachapon machines and blind-boxed. It was released in numerous colors: gold, silver, copper, gunmetal, red, green, blue, purple, and potentially others.
Rapidash Mini Models Banpresto 1" These figures were released in boxed sets of certain colors. Known colors include: red, blue, green, yellow, clear pink, silver. Rapidash and Ponyta were not released in gold.
Rapidash Full Color Stadium Bandai 1" Released via gachapon with a triangular base that could interlock with other figures.
Rapidash Prakoro Dice 1.5" These figures were released blindboxed for a board game, and come in four different poses. They are not painted as shown on the boxes, but are solid red.


Rapidash has no known official plush.


Rapidash has two keychains.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Rapidash Medal Swing Keychain Takara Tomy 1" Medal Swing keychains were released with two metal finishes - gold and silver. Rapidash has a red glitter backdrop and was releaed in set 3.


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Rapidash 151 Pin Pokemon Center 1" Any Special Info Goes Here


Rapidash (tcg)


Stamps, pens, paper, anything stationary-y.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Rapidash Battle Pencil ??? 6" Any Special Info Goes Here
Rapidash Stamp 151 Banpresto 1.5" Not self-inking. Released via gachapon in part 3.
Rapidash Character Stamp Kyodo 1.5" Self-inking in pink, green, and blue bases. Released via gachapon in set 2.
Rapidash Crayon Roseart 3.5"
Rapidash Stamper Roseart .5" Came from a set of stampers and other art supplies. Not self-inking; only the red rubber with no backing.




  • Rapidash is the favorite Pokémon of the Kanto Pokémon Fan Club President. When the player first speaks to him, he goes on at length about why Rapidash is his favorite Pokémon.


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Known CollectorsEdit

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