Pokemon Trading Card Game, more affectionately known as the Pokemon TCG to fans and players, are a series of collectable cards released by Pokemon Card Laboratory in Japan and Pokemon USA for most English releases. Asides from being a well known and played card game, the cards themselves appeal to a number of collectors for the high quality artwork and the rarity of older cards.

Main Sets

The main sets of the TCG are essentially the staple of the series. A main set usually comprises of 60 cards or more, and is the driving force of the different eras.

Given our listings internally of the sets are going to include all the merchandise released for those sets or during league in those sets, we've decided to keep the Japanese Sets and the English Sets split for more thorough cataloging. The sets will be listed side-by-side however to correlate. Set logos will also be shown so that people wishing to ID what set a card comes from can quickly thumb through the lists.

Original Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
Base Set Booster Pack 1 No Logo
Jungle Pokemon Jungle
Fossil Mystery of the Fossils SetSymbolFossil
Team Rocket Rocket Gang SetSymbolTeam Rocket
Gym Heroes Gym 1: Leader's Stadium
Gym Challenge Gym 2: Challenge from the Dark
Base Set 2 N/A
Legendary Collection N/A

Neo Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
Neo Genesis Gold, Silver, To a New World
Neo Discovery Crossing The Ruins
Neo Revelation Awakening Legend
Neo Destiny Darkness, and to Light

VS Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
Unnamed Prototype VS Set Leaders Pokemon


English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
N/A Pokemon WEB

e-Card Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
Expedition eBooster Pack 1
Aquapolis The Town on No Map

Wind from the Sea

Skyridge Split Earth

Mysterious Mountains

ADV Era/EX Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
EX Ruby and Sapphire ADV Booster Pack 1
EX Sandstorm Desert of Miracles
EX Dragon Rulers of the Heavens
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Magma vs Aqua: Two Ambitions
EX Hidden Legends Undone Seal

PCG Era/δ Era

English Set(s) Japanese Set(s) Set Logo(s)
EX FireRed and LeafGreen Flight of Legends
EX Team Rocket Returns Rocket Gang Strikes Back*
EX Deoxys Clash of the Blue Sky*
EX Emerald N/A
EX Unseen Forces Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean
EX Delta Species Holon Research Tower*
EX Legend Maker Mirage Forest*
EX Holon Phantoms Holon Phantom
EX Crystal Guardians Miracle Crystal
EX Dragon Frontiers Offence and Defence to the Extreme Limits
EX Power Keepers World Championship Pack*

Diamond and Pearl Era

Platinum Era

Promotional Cards and Exclusive Decks

Japanese Sets (Pokemon Card Laboratory)

  1. Separated from the English TCG for easier reference to collectors of both languages to better showcase the differences, though sets will reference each other.

Original Era

Released between 1996 and 1999

Neo Era

Released between 2000 and 2001

VS Era

Released in 2001


Released in 2001

e-Card Era

Released between 2001 and 2002


Released between 2003 and 2004


Released between 2004 and 2007

DP Era

Released between 2007 and 2008

DPt Era

Released between 2008 and 2009 (Ongoing)

Promotional Cards and Exclusive Decks

Released between 1996 and 1997

Released in 1998

Released in 1999

Released in 2000

Released in 2001

Released in 2002

Released in 2003

Released in 2004

Released in 2005

Released in 2006

Released in 2007

Released in 2008

Released in 2009


  • The Pokemon TCG has a number of rare cards to which are the 'holy grail' of collecting, with prices soaring into the thousands of US dollars. Two cards of such mention are the coveted Raichu Pre-Release card, and Pokemon Illustrator prize card.
  • Like other aspects of Pokemon Merchandise, the TCG has been affected by the controversies of Pokemon. One example is how there has never been a Kadabra card in print since Skyridge due to Uri Gellar's attempt to sue Pokemon Company.

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