In Japan when the new Pokémon movie is released in theaters, 7-11 stores run lotteries for movie related prizes. These prizes range from smaller items like mugs or keychains to huge figures or plush.

How They're RunEdit

To be added

Known Lotteries and Their PrizesEdit


Grand Prize: Giant Giratina Origin Forme Figure or Large Sky Forme Shaymin Figure
First Prize: Large Land Forme Shaymin Plush
Second Prize: Glass Bowls: Giratina, Shaymin, Dialga or Pikachu
Third Prize: Keychains: Pikachu, Giratina Origin Forme, Sky Forme Shaymin, or Land Forme Shaymin
Fourth Prize: Neck Pouches: Sky Forme Shaymin, Land Forme Shaymin, or Pikachu OR Soft Cases: Sky Forme Shaymin or Pikachu


First Prize: Giant Arceus Figure or Gizamimi Pichu Pillow
Second Prize: Arceus Bag or Gizamimi Pichu Bag OR Arceus Towel or Gizamimi Pichu Towel
Third Prize: To be added
Fourth Prize: Keychains: Giratina Altered Forme, Arceus, Gizamimi Pichu, or Pikachu OR Glass Mugs: Arceus, Giratina Altered Forme, Pikachu, or Gizamimi Pichu and Pikachu

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