Pokemon Junior
#4 Bulbasaur's Bad Day

Release Date

May 2000



Number in Series




Pokemon Junior is a series created by Scholastic for younger readers. They were first produced in May 2000, with Surf's Up, Pikachu! There are 15 books in the series. Like most Scholastic books they often contain mistakes. All the books in the series are paperbacks. The majority of the series are anime adaptations, with the exception of a select few. They all use pictures taken from the anime. Most of the books focus on a single Pokemon, making them great for collectors.

List of BooksEdit

#1 Surf's Up, Pikachu!
#2 Meowth, the Big Mouth
#3 Save Our Squirtle!
#4 Bulbasaur's Bad Day
#5 Two of a Kind
#6 Raichu Shows Off
#7 Nidoran's New Friend
#8 A Pokemon Snow-down
#9 Snorlax Takes a Stand
#10 Good-bye, Lapras
#11 Bellossom's Big Battle
#12 The Snubbull Blues
#13 Hoothoot's Haunted Forest
#14 Pichu's Apple Company
#15 The Wobbuffet Village

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