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26.11.2010 / The New Look
Admin Sui Kune here! As you may have noticed, Wikia has implemented a forced layout change on every hosted wiki, including this one. The old (and in my opinion better) layout is no longer even an option, and I apologize greatly for that. I know this layout is rather counter-intuitive and takes a bit to get used to. I'll be working on it a little more to try to make it look better. Also, coming soon will be a Manual Of Style page, to make creating and editing pages much easier and consistent. Once that is done, we'll finally be ready for the proper unveiling!
18.03.2010 / And then there were two
It's been pretty crazy around here the past few weeks. Fellow wiki'er Sui Kune has been working furiously alongside me to get more pages off of the ground to get this place in a solid enough state for proper release. If there are enough base pages for people to reference as templates, then we're all good to go!
26.06.2009 / Community Value
The recent explosion across the wiki has been something of pure amazement. Keep up the good work! As a general housekeeping note: when using images from your own collection for references, instead of tagging under the image 'from X's collection', please place such a tag in the details of the image data when you upload it. That way the credit and where it comes from is data-tracked but it leaves the aesthetic of the pages nice and clean. Again, keep up the great work and keep making fantastic pages!
07.04.2009 / Slow and Steady...
We're getting there slowly! Just another week or two for the skeleton to go up then everyone can have a good long play. Any sections like TCG sections for different Pokemon can go up ASAP, given the new Raichu section is the prime example of what we should be doing for the TCG, cataloging wise. English and Japanese are the major print runs for the TCG and thus reflect the most differences 90% of the time. Please be mindful to try and keep the listing of cards in relative order of release.

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