Pokédoll Keychains
Wobbuffet Pokédoll Keychain


???, Velboa, Minky


Pokemon Center

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Pokédoll Keychains (「POKe DOLL」マスコットキーホルダー) are a set of 5 keychains featuring mini versions of several Pokémon PlushPlush. They were only available for a few months in 2002 in Pokémon Centers and through the Pokémon Center Online website, rendering them fairly rare. They have a smaller version of the first generation red Pokédoll tag. They are approximately 2 inches (5-7 cm) tall, and have a standard closed spiral keyring.

List of Pokedoll KeychainsEdit

Icon Pokémon
S001 Bulbasaur
S155 Cyndaquil
S202 Wobbuffet
S233 Porygon2
S251 Celebi

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