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First Wave

Moncolle+ (モンコレプラス), full name Monster Collection Plus, is a relatively new series of figures released by Takara Tomy in July 2009. Unlike the standard Monster Collection figures, these feature more dynamic poses- usually depicting a fighting stance or acrobatic feat. The figures are set onto a base, allowing for a proper display of such a figure. The bases also feature a chip system, designed to be used with specific toys geared up to read the data from the chips to set up battles.

The first wave introduced a lot of Pokemon to the figure series line up. Since then, they've been receiving a staggered release of 1-2 figures every month.

Moncolle+ retail for 504円 in Japan.

Set ListEdit

Icon Name Catalog
S025 Pikachu P-1
S387 Turtwig P-2
S393 Piplup P-3
S390 Chimchar P-4
S483 Dialga P-5
S484 Palkia P-6
S493 Arceus P-7
S453 Croagunk P-8
S409 Rampardos P-9
S491 Darkrai P-10
S212 Scizor P-11
S398 Staraptor P-12
S006 Charizard P-13
S486 Regigigas P-14
S464 Rhyperior P-15
S376 Metagross P-16
S477 Dusknoir P-17
S448 Lucario P-18
S471 Glaceon P-19
S151 Mew P-20
S487 Giratina P-21
S485 Heatran P-22
S445 Garchomp P-23
S244 Entei P-24
S245 Suicune P-25
S243 Raikou P-26
S250 Ho-Oh P-27
S249 Lugia P-28
S383 Groudon P-29
S145 Zapdos P-30
S382 Kyogre P-31
S146 Moltres P-32
S384 Rayquaza P-33
S144 Articuno P-34
S251 Celebi P-35
S150 Mewtwo P-36
S492 Shaymin (Land Forme) P-37
S570 Zoroa P-38
S571 Zoroark P-39
S495 Snivy MP-1
S498 Tepig MP-2
S501 Oshawott MP-3
S643 Reshiram (Overdrive) MP-4
S644 Zekrom (Overdrive) MP-5

Special EditionEdit

In addition to the standard Moncolle Plus figures, there have been lottery issue figures made in the Moncolle Plus range. Most of these figures are a shiny, or alternate colour version of the Pokemon. Others, like Arceus for example, simply feature a pearlescent paint job.

Set ListEdit

Icon Name Catalog Rarity
S493 Arceus P-7 Metallic Version Only 200 Issued
S448 Lucario P-18 Alternate Colour Version Only 1,000 Issued
S244s Entei P-24 Alternate Colour Version Only 1,000 Issued
S245s Suicune P-25 Alternate Colour Version Only 1,000 Issued
S243s Raikou P-26 Alternate Colour Version Only 1,000 Issued


TakaraTomy Moncolle+ Site (Japanese)

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