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There is a number of Mewtwo cards currently available, all of which are Psychic type cards, with the exception of the δ series Mewtwos. Most of the Mewtwo cards are Rare with the exception of one Common and Uncommon card from the Japanese Vending Machine cards.

List of Mewtwo CardsEdit

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Mewtwo Yes Base Set Booster Pack 1 N/A
Mewtwo Strikes Back N/A No N/A Unnumbered Promotional cards N/A
Mewtwo No N/A Vending Machine cards N/A,Vendingsymbol
Mewtwo N/A No Wizards Black Star Promos N/A Ic-promo
Mewtwo No N/A Vending Machine cards NA,Vendingsymbol
Mewtwo No N/A Vending Machine cards NA,Vendingsymbol
Rocket's Mewtwo Yes Gym Challenge Gym Pack 2: Challenge from the Darkness SetSymbolGym Challenge, Gym1symbol
Mewtwo Yes Base Set 2 N/A SetSymbolBase Set 2
Mewtwo No Legendary Collection N/A SetSymbolLegendary Collection
Great Rocket's Mewtwo N/A No N/A Unnumbered Promotional Cards
Shining Mewtwo Yes Neo Destiny Darkness, and to Light... SetSymbolNeo Destiny
Mewtwo Yes Expedition Base Booster Pack 1 SetSymbolExpedition
Mewtwo No N/A P Promotional cards N/A, Ic-promo
Mewtwo ex ☆ex Yes Ruby & Sapphire Booster Pack 1 RubySapphire symbol
Rocket's Mewtwo ex ☆ex Yes Team Rocket Returns Team Rocket Strikes Back SetSymbolEX Team Rocket Returns
Mewtwo δ Yes Delta Species Holon Research Tower Deltaspecies symbol
Mewtwo δ No Holon Phantoms PCG-P Promotional cards SetSymbolHolon Phantoms, Ic-promo
Mewtwo ☆ No Holon Phantoms Mew Gift Set SetSymbolHolon Phantoms, Mewgifty symbol
Striking Back Mewtwo N/A No N/A 10th Movie Commemoration Set N/A, 10thani symbol
Mewtwo Yes Majestic Dawn Moonlit Pursuit DP5 Exp symbol, MoonlitPursuitDawnDash symbol
Mewtwo Yes Legends Awakened MDPt-P Promotional cards LegendsAwakened symbol, Ic-promo
Mewtwo LV.X Yes Legends Awakened Heatran vs Regigigas Deck Kit LegendsAwakened symbol, N/A
Mewtwo LV.X N/A Yes DP Black Star Promos Mewtwo LV.X Collection Pack Ic-promo, N/A
Mewtwo Yes Pokemon Rumble Melee! Pokémon Scramble N/A

Cameo CardsEdit

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Ruin Wall No Neo Discovery Crossing the Ruins... SetSymbolNeo Discovery


  • The first Mewtwo Wizards Black Star Promo was the English version of the first Japanese Mewtwo promo, however the art was changed after a contest held by Wizards of the Coast.


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