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Of the Mew cards currently available, all cards are either Rare or Promotional cards. There are no Common or Uncommon Mew cards at this time. Mew cards are normally Psychic type cards, with the exception of the δ series Mews.

List of Mew CardsEdit

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Mew No N/A Vending Machine cards N/A,Vendingsymbol
Mew N/A No Wizards Black Star Promos Unnumbered Promotional cards Ic-promo, N/A
Mew N/A, ★ No, Yes Wizards Black Star Promos The Mystery of the Fossils Ic-promo, SetSymbolFossil
Mew N/A Yes Southern Islands Southern Islands SouthernIslands symbol
Ancient Mew N/A Yes Miscellaneous Promotional cards Unnumbered Promotional cards N/A
Shining Mew N/A No N/A Unnumbered Promotional cards
Mew Yes Expedition Base Booster Pack 1 SetSymbolExpedition
Rota's Mew N/A Yes N/A 8th Movie Half Deck VS symbol
_____'s Mew N/A No N/A PLAY Promotional cards
Mew ex Yes EX Legend Maker Mirage Forest SetSymbolLegend Maker
Mew Yes POP Series 4 Base Booster Pack 1 POP4 symbol, Ic-promo
Mew ex ☆ex Yes Holon Phantoms Mew Gift Set SetSymbolHolon Phantoms, Mewgiftp symbol
Mew Yes Nintendo Black Star Promos PCG-P Promotional cards Ic-promo
Mew ☆ δ Yes Dragon Frontiers Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends DragonFrontiers symbol
Mew Yes Secret Wonders Shining Darkness SetSymbolSecret Wonders
Tree of Beginning's Mew N/A No N/A 10th Movie Commemoration Set N/A, 10thani symbol
Mew δ Yes POP Series 5 PCG-P Promotional cards POP5 symbol, Ic-promo
Mew ex N/A Yes N/A PLAY Promotional cards
2007 Victory Mew N/A No N/A N/A
Mew Yes Pokemon Rumble Melee! Pokémon Scramble N/A
Mew Yes N/A Lost Link N/A
Mew SR/UR Yes N/A Dragon Blast

Cameo CardsEdit

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Mewtwo Strikes Back N/A No N/A Unnumbered Promotional cards N/A
Victory Orb (Mew) N/A Yes N/A N/A
Championship Arena N/A No N/A N/A
Pokémon Fan Club No POP Series 4 PCG-P Promotional cards POP4 symbol, Ic-promo
Fieldworker No Legend Maker Mew Half Deck SetSymbolLegend Maker, N/A
Investigator No N/A Lost Link N/A


  • The first Mew card was a promotional card.
  • While Mew was in the Fossil expansion pack in Japan, Mew did not appear in any English expansion packs until the E Expedition series.


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