I ♥ Eevee (I LOVE EIEVUI) is a subseries of plushes from the Banpresto I ♥-series that featured Eevee and its evolutions. I ♥ Eevee ran from Fall 2012 to Spring 2013 and is the successor to the I ♥ Pikachu series. The series included a standalone Eevee plush, three complete lines of Eeveelution plushes, and an Eevee face cushion. Like nearly all Banpresto's goods, acquiring these plush was through UFO machines at various game corners. A bonus giant Eevee plush prize could also be won through lottery.


Running alongside the 2012 Eevee campaign that also included products from other manufacturers such as Pokemon Center, Bandai, and Takara-Tomy, Banpresto's I ♥ Eevee series began on October 2012 with the the release of the 25cm I ♥ Eevee HQ Eevee Plush (I LOVE EIEVUI HQ ぬいぐるみ) while the first set of I ♥ Eevee Bag-hang Plush (I LOVE EIEVUI かばんに付けられるぬいぐるみ1|Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 1), featuring 10 cm Eevee, Vaporeon, Umbreon and Leafeon. During November 2012, the second set of I ♥ Eevee Bag-hang Plush (I LOVE EIEVUI かばんに付けられるぬいぐるみ2|Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 2) featuring Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Glaceon could also be won. Obtaining a Bag-hang Plush at any participating arcade qualifies for a ticket that can be used for a chance to win an 86cm Giant Eevee Plush Present (特大イーブイぬいぐるみプレゼント|Tokudai Eevee Plush Present); only 20 of these exist in the world. Both sets of Bag-hang Plush were released one more in December, concluding 2012 campaign.

Sometime during November 2012, Banpresto announced they would continue the line beyond 2012 with two complete sets of the Eeveelution plushes and an Eevee face cushion. Beginning January 2013, the first set known as I ♥ Eevee SuperDX Plush (I LOVE EIEVUI スーパーDXぬいぐるみ) began its run by pairing two 23cm Eeveelutions and releasing monthly over the course of four months. Jolteon and Flareon were released in January, Leafeon and Glaceon in February, Espeon and Umbreon in March, and finally Eevee and Vaporeon in April. The second complete set of plush was known as simply I ♥ Eevee Plush (I LOVE EIEVUI ぬいぐるみ) and were 12cm long. Similarly to the Bag-hang Plush, these were released in two waves of four plushes. The first wave featuring Eevee, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Umbreon was released in March while the second wave featuring Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon was released in April. The series concluded with the release of I ♥ Eevee Face Cushion in May.

Espeon and Umbreon later reappeared in another I ♥-series, I ♥ Gothic.

HQ Eevee PlushEdit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S133 Eevee 10/2012

Kaban ni Tsukerareru PlushEdit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S133 Eevee 10/2012
S134 Vaporeon 10/2012
S197 Umbreon 10/2012
S470 Leafeon 10/2012
S135 Jolteon 11/2012
S136 Flareon 11/2012
S196 Espeon 11/2012
S471 Glaceon 11/2012

Super DX PlushEdit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S135 Jolteon 01/2013
S136 Flareon 01/2013
S470 Leafeon 02/2013
S471 Glaceon 02/2013
S197 Umbreon 03/2013
S196 Espeon 03/2013
S133 Eevee 04/2013
S134 Vaporeon 04/2013

(Regular) PlushEdit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S133 Eevee 03/2013
S134 Vaporeon 03/2013
S197 Umbreon 03/2013
S196 Espeon 03/2013
S135 Jolteon 04/2013
S136 Flareon 04/2013
S470 Leafeon 04/2013
S471 Glaceon 04/2013

Face Cushion[1]Edit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S133 Eevee 05/2013
  1. As of 01/2013, the name of this cushion has not been disclosed

Giant Eevee Plush PresentEdit

Icon Pokémon Release Date
S133 Eevee 10/2012


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