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Hitmonchan has appeared in the TCG since the original base set, both in English & Japanese. Most of the cards have been translated into English.

Hitmonchan are basic Pokemon & under the fighting type, they always have a weakness to Psychic types. The Original art used on the base set card has been re-ussed many times on reissues of the original card.

Hitmonchan has steadily appeared in sets throughout the TCG, a few attacks can get powered up if a Tyrouge is under Hitmonchan through baby evolution. Hitmonchan has more cards than his counterpart Hitmonlee.

List of Hitmonchan cardsEdit

Hitmonchan has had a few different cards in various sets over the years. It used to be quite the contender, but now he's slipped down the ladder.

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Hitmonchan Yes Base Set Booster Pack N/A
Hitmonchan Yes Base Set 2 N/A SetSymbolBase Set 2
Rocket's Hitmonchan Yes Gym Heroes Gym 1 SetSymbolGym HeroesGym1symbol
Hitmonchan N/A No N/A Series 2 (Red Sheet) Vendingsymbol
Hitmonchan No Neo Destiny Darkness, and into light... SetSymbolNeo Destiny
Bruno's Hitmonchan No N/A Pokemon VS VS symbol
Hitmonchan N/A Yes Best Of Game N/A Best of game
Rocket's Hitmonchan N/A Yes Best Of Game N/A Best of game
Hitmonchan No Aquapolis e-Card 2 SetSymbolAquapolis
Hitmonchan ex ☆ex Yes EX Ruby & Sapphire Booster Pack 1 EX ruby and Sappire
Rocket's Hitmonchan ex ☆ex Yes EX Team Rocket Returns Team Rocket Strikes Back SetSymbolEX Team Rocket Returns
Hitmonchan No EX Unseen Forces Golden Sky, Silver Ocean SetSymbolUnseen Forces
Hitmonchan No Legends Awakened Temple Of Anger LegendsAwakened symbol
Hitmonchan ☆H Yes Platinum Galactic's Conquest SetSymbolPlatinum
Hitmonchan No Undaunted Tyranitar Constructed Standard Deck SetSymbolUndaunted
Hitmonchan No Call of Legends N/A Call of legends
Hitmonchan N/A Yes HGSS Black Star Promos N/A Ic-promo

Cameo CardsEdit

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Pearl City Chubu Area N/A No N/A Black Star Promo Ic-promo
Black Belt No Triumphant Clash at the Summit Triumphant


  • Hitmonchan was the featured card in the base set starter deck "Blackout" Which featured Fighting & Water types.
  • The Best of Game re-release Base set Hitmonchan is actually misprinted, It has only 60HP instead of the correct 70HP


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