Gible (フカマル)
The Land Shark Pokémon






2'3.6" / 0.7m


45.2lb / 20.5kg





Gible (フカマル) is a pudgy dragon pokemon who is the first evolution stage of the Garchomp line. Due to Ash aquiring one in the anime, it has since become a lot more popular to collect since it's first unveiling, however it has not had much merchandise released (like its older two bretheren). This makes most of gible's merchandise fairly sought after and not easy to find.


Gible currently has a somewhat respectable amount of figures to choose from. The first two kids (non clear), chou get and tomy are currently available on places like amazon and such, but Gible's other figures are much harder to track down.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Image Size Notes
Gible Monster Collection Takara Tomy image N/A
Gible Chupa Surprise

Takara Tomy ARTS image N/A 2009 release; part of the 'great adventures in Johto' set

PokeColle Cap collection Set 2

Takara Tomy ARTS image N/A 2010 release
Gible Pokemon Kids DP set 5 Bandai image N/A Clear Variant available
Gible (tackle) attack Pokemon Kids DP 4 Bandai image N/A
Ash's Gible Pokemon Kids anime Selection Bandai image N/A Part of a set based on pokemon owned by trainers in the anime
Gible Chou Get set 11 Bandai image N/A
Gible Metal Collection DP 2 Kyodo N/A Comes in at least 5 different color variants
Gible Water Squirter Figure Bandai image N/A
Gible Zukan Takara Tomy ARTS image 1/40th scale Came in the same capsule as gabite and garchomp


Currently Gible has no official plush available

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Gible N/A N/A N/A N/A


Gible only has three keychains currently known of. They either came blind packaged or were available in gashapon machines.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Image Notes
Gible Movie 13 Pokeball mascot keychain Takara Tomy ARTS N/A image
Gible Metal battle keychain N/A N/A image Came with torterra as a set. Blind packaged with candy
Gible in group shot movie 13 Metal charm N/A N/A image Gible is also pictured with torterra and staraptor. Came in blind packaging.


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Gible N/A N/A N/A N/A

Gible currently has no official badges.


Gible (TCG)


Stamps, pens, paper, anything stationary-y.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Gible Item Name Goes Here Company Goes Here Size Goes Here Any Special Info Goes Here




  • Even though the land shark line is very popular, neither Gible, Gabite nor Garchomp got an official plush of any kind, much to the bewilderment of collectors
  • Gible is the only one of the three landsharks to recieve a megablok.
  • Gible also has the most retsuden stampers out of the three landsharks. Gible has four stampers whilst gabite and garchomp have two each


Live here

Known CollectorsEdit

  • Orangegarchomp
  • Fizzycat

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