Cyndaquil (Pokedoll)
2010 Hang Tag


Velboa, Minky


Pokemon Centre



Cyndaquil is a Pokedoll, who's most recent release was the USA Kiosk doll in 2010. Cyndaquil is a rather flat Pokedoll, With a rounded back & small limbs, it's notable that it's one of the fewer Cyndaquil dolls with the flame on it's back off. It's a generally basic design with nothing to elaborate. The Original plushplush (2001 release) is a slightly larger than other releases, they seemed to have gotten a tad smaller over the years. Cyndaquil had one Minky release during the Japanese 2007 10th anniversary promotion in Pokemon Centres.


  • The first release was from the Japanese Plushplush line.
  • The most recent release was from the Seattle Kiosk in the US.
  • The Minky release was the only Minky version, and was released alongside all other starters from Generation 1-3
  • The Cyndaquil Pokedoll artwork has appeared on different types of merchandise, like Stickers & Charms for example

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