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Pokémon CharaBottlin (ポケモンキャラボトリン) are unique blind-packaged hollow figures in plastic bottles that come on a ball chain. Each figure is very highly detailed and feature dynamic landscapes that complement the featured Pokémon. While set 2 isn't too difficult to come by, set 1 and the figures in it are exceptionally hard to find, which is even seen in the not-complete and to-be-confirmed set information.

Set InformationEdit

Set 1 Edit

Name Japanese Name
S025 Pikachu ピカチュウ
S052 Meowth ニャース
S202 Wobbuffet ソーナンス
S252 Treecko キモリ
S255 Torchic? アチャモ
S258 Mudkip ミズゴロウ
S330 Flygon フライゴン
S359 Absol アブソル
S383 Groudon? グラードン
S385 Jirachi ジラーチ
S270 Lotad ハスボー
S293 Whismur ゴニョニョ

Set 2 Edit

Name Japanese Name
S001 Bulbasaur フシギダネ
S004 Charmander ヒトカゲ
S007 Squirtle ゼニガメ
S143 Snorlax カビゴン
S152 Chikorita チコリータ
S155 Cyndaquil ヒノアラシ
S158 Totodile ワニノコ
S253 Grovyle ジュプトル
S257 Blaziken バシャーモ
S311 S312 Plusle & Minun プラスル&マイナン
S380 Latias ラティアス
S382 Kyogre カイオーガ

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