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Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and Unown ENTEI Battle Museum figures.



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Pokémon Battle Museum (ポケモンバトルミュージアム) are small but detailed figures made by Bandai that attach to black bases that come with stickers of the Pokémon's name, level, and other basic information. Many figures feature dynamic attack poses, and some figures were even clear instead of solid plastic. The series spans 13 sets with 12 figures each (13 for set 5 if you count both Smeargle variations), and ran from January 2000 to February 2001.


Starting in 1996, tiny Pokémon figures on (normally) interlocking stands were dispersed in Gashapon machines. These sets have changed over the years. The original sets were called Full Color Collection and Full Color Stadium, and contains the first 151 Pokémon, most having multiple poses. For the G/S/C promotion, Full Color Stadium became this series, Battle Museum, and stands changed to black with stickers for the Pokémon's name, and they interlocked horizontally. They also never completed this set, and some Pokémon did not get these figures. For R/S/E and FR/LG, TM Collection was released, which could go on stands, but were called pencil toppers. After this came a series called Full Color Advance, with Pokédex info and footprints printed onto a clear stand with a paper insert. The current set, starting with DP and going through Platinum, is called Chou Get and the interlocking stands are back, in 3D form (not flat) and multicolored. Since the Platinum release, some stands are clear and some figures have been re-released in platinum color.Source

Set ListsEdit

Set 1Edit

Name Attack
S025 Pikachu ThunderShock
S058 Growlithe Roar
S077 Ponyta Growl
S089 Muk Pound
S126 Magmar Fire Punch
S138 Omanyte Withdraw
S141 Kabutops Razor Wind
S152 Chikorita Synthesis
S183 Marill Rain Dance
S209 Snubbull Scary Face
S214 Heracross Leer
S232 Donphan Horn Attack

Set 2Edit

Name Attack
S010 Caterpie Tackle
S025 Pikachu Quick Attack
S027 Sandshrew Dig
S104 Cubone Bone Club
S127 Pinsir Focus Energy
S148 Dragonair Agility
S151 Mew Reflect
S155 Cyndaquil Ember
S158 Totodile Bite
S161 Sentret Tackle
S198 Murkrow Mean Look
S239 Elekid Thunderbolt

Set 3Edit

Name Attack
S011 Metapod Harden
S023 Ekans Bite
S025 Pikachu Body Slam
S045 Vileplume Stun Spore
S182 Bellossom Petal Dance
S071 Victreebel Razor Leaf
S093 Haunter Night Shade
S099 Kingler Guillotine
S165 Ledyba Agility
S167 Spinarak Scary Face
S195 Quagsire Amnesia
S234 Stantler Hypnosis

Set 4Edit

Name Attack
S035 Clefairy Defense Curl
S012 Butterfree Whirlwind
S100 Voltorb Swift
S121 Starmie Water Gun
S123 Scyther Swords Dance
S212 Scizor Focus Energy
S179 Mareep Protect
S191 Sunkern Synthesis
S192 Sunflora Sunny Day
S194 Wooper Amnesia
S207 Gligar Faint Attack
S208 Steelix Crunch

Set 5Edit

Name Attack
S069 Bellsprout Giga Drain
S075 Graveler Magnitude
S079 Slowpoke Amnesia
S199 Slowking Swagger
S113 Chansey Defense Curl
S242 Blissey Sing
S172 Pichu Charm
S187 Hoppip Splash
S197 Umbreon Faint Attack
S204 Pineco Protect
S235 Smeargle (Red Tip) Sketch
S235 Smeargle (Green Tip) Sketch
S237 Hitmontop Rolling Kick

Set 6Edit

Name Attack
S014 Kakuna Harden
S073 Tentacruel Poison Sting
S098 Krabby Whirlpool
S130 Gyarados Icy Wind
S133 Eevee Attract
S196 Espeon Psych Up
S163 Hoothoot Foresight
S185 Sudowoodo Flail
S190 Aipom Tail Whip
S215 Sneasel Faint Attack
S228 Houndour Leer
S241 Miltank Bide

Set 7Edit

Name Attack
S001 Bulbasaur Leech Seed
S007 Squirtle Water Gun
S013 Weedle String Shot
S172 Pichu Rest
S025 Pikachu Zap Cannon
S140 Kabuto Scratch
S149 Dragonite Twister
S181 Ampharos ThunderPunch
S201 Unown E Hidden Power
S202 Wobbuffet Mirror Coat
S227 Skarmory Steel Wing
S244 Entei Detect

Set 8Edit

Name Attack
S002 Ivysaur SolarBeam
S005 Charmeleon Iron Tail
S008 Wartortle Rapid Spin
S029 Nidoran ♀ Detect
S173 Cleffa Sing
S035 Clefairy Psych Up
S153 Bayleef Razor Leaf
S156 Quilava Tackle
S159 Croconaw Rage
S201 Unown N Hidden Power
S212 Scizor Metal Claw
S243 Raikou Roar

Set 9Edit

Name Attack
S009 Blastoise Rain Dance
S032 Nidoran ♂ Sleep Talk
S174 Igglybuff Charm
S039 Jigglypuff Attract
S090 Shellder Protect
S094 Gengar Shadow Ball
S160 Feraligatr Rage
S201 Unown T Hidden Power
S210 Granbull Scary Face
S216 Teddiursa Endure
S217 Ursaring Swagger
S245 Suicune Iron Tail

Set 10Edit

Name Attack
S006 Charizard Fire Spin
S030 Nidorina Attract
S033 Nidorino Frustration
S137 Porygon Sharpen
S233 Porygon2 Defense Curl
S157 Typhlosion Leer
S188 Skiploom Synthesis
S189 Jumpluff Cotton Spore
S201 Unown I Hidden Power
S246 Larvitar Rock Slide
S247 Pupitar Scary Face
S248 Tyranitar Iron Tail

Set 11Edit

Name Attack
S003 Venusaur Razor Leaf
S172 Pichu ThunderShock
S025 Pikachu ThunderShock
S042 Golbat Supersonic
S169 Crobat Mean Look
S052 Meowth Swift
S128 Tauros Scary Face
S154 Meganium Synthesis
S162 Furret Iron Tail
S164 Noctowl Hypnosis
S166 Ledian Safeguard
S176 Togetic Metronome

Set 12Edit

Name Attack
S025 Pikachu ThunderPunch
S040 Wigglytuff Rollout
S061 Poliwhirl Mud-Slap
S186 Politoed Water Gun
S132 Ditto (Dunsparce) Transform
S142 Aerodactyl Steel Wing
S152 Chikorita Razor Leaf
S188 Skiploom SolarBeam
S206 Dunsparce Rage
S225 Delibird Present
S249 Lugia Aeroblast
S250 Ho-Oh Sacred Fire

Set 13Edit

Name Attack
S131 Lapras Perish Song
S136 Flareon Smog
S146 Moltres Sunny Day
S150 Mewtwo Recover
S155 Cyndaquil Flame Wheel
S172 Pichu Rage
S183 Marill Waterfall
S184 Azumarill Rain Dance
S200 Misdreavus Psywave
S238 Smoochum Sweet Kiss
S240 Magby Fire Punch
S251 Celebi Safeguard


  • From sets 7 through 10, Unown were released in each set to promote that year's movie, Lord of the Unown Tower Entei/Spell of the Unown. The Unown were meant to spell out "ENTEI."
  • From July 7 to September 30 2000, Bandai held a Collector's Campaign for the series. Prize A was a collection box for Battle Museum figures, while Prize B was a special set of gold Raikou, gold Entei, and silver Suicune Battle Museum figures. Only 500 of each were awarded. There was also a special large Pikachu and Pichu Brothers figure for the promotion of the third Pokémon movie.

See AlsoEdit


  • (Site Name Unknown) - Complete Battle Museum set and attack information, and release dates of each set.


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