The Absol Pokedoll, a sized down, chibified plush of Absol, was first released during 2003 in Japan, then released in 2006 in America (See photo). Both versions are made of Velboa material. The doll has now become fairly rare, especially the Japanese release, and is highly sought after, like most Hoenn Pokemon. Absol Pokedolls are a very common bootleg, so watch out.

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~The 2006 version of Absol has a lighter colour scheme, and slightly greyer fur as opposed to it's 2003 counterpart.

~The 2006 version has a slightly twisted head blade.

~Unlike most four legged Pokedolls, such as the eeveelutions, it has no trouble standing up.

~Both versions bear a red banner Pikachu tag.

~This doll is yet to recieve a re-release. 

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