10th Anniversary Complete Set
10th Anniversary Complete Collection set 2 Entei & Ash figures.


Takara Tomy

Production Time


Retail Price

200円 (Per Capsule)

Pocket Monsters 10th Anniversary Complete Collection (ポケットモンスター10th Anniversaryコンプリートコレクション) are detailed, scaled Gachapon figures similar in premise to Zukan, but come in varying scales. This small series commemorated the 10th anniversary of Pokémon movies, with each Pokémon featured being a main character in a Pokémon movie. Each figure also comes with a clear scaled Ash figure, for visual size comparison.

Set InformationEdit

Set 1Edit

Name Japanese Name Scale
S150 Mewtwo ミュウツー 1/30
S251 Celebi セレビィ 1/20
S380S381 Latias & Latios ラティアス&ラティオス 1/30
S386 Deoxys デオキシス 1/30
S490 Manaphy マナフィ 1/20
S483 Dialga ディアルガ 1/80
S025 Pikachu ピカチュウ 1/20

Set 2Edit

Name Japanese Name Scale
S249 Lugia ルギア 1/80
S244 Entei エンテイ 1/30
S385 Jirachi ジラーチ 1/20
S448 Lucario ルカリオ 1/30
S151 Mew ミュウ 1/20
S484 Palkia パルキア 1/80
S491 Darkrai ダークライ 1/30

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